Constitution Candidate Comes to Columbia

Former school superintendent and current gubernatorial candidate Gregory Thompson came to Columbia to talk about God, the Founding Fathers and taxes. Speaking to an intimate audience in a southwest Columbia home, Thompson spelled out is plan to restore Missouri’s prosperity as well as its moral character. Those in attendance engaged the Constitution Party hopeful in a frank and open dialogue that voters wouldn’t normally be getting by watching CNN.

The average voter might know little about the Constitution Party. The average voter might not have even heard of the Constitution Party. The average voter might think they were a third-tier party, somewhere between the Reform Party and the Anti-Masons… and they’d be mistaken. The Constitution Party is the largest national third party in American politics with 366,937 members, more than 75,000 more members than the Green Party.The average voter also might wonder what relation they have with the U.S. Constitution. Formerly the U.S. Taxpayers Party (USTP), the Constitution Party invokes a strict interpretation in the constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence (similar to the Libertarian Party) but with an ardent emphasis on the rights endowed on them by “their Creator.”

“In 1963 they took prayer out of schools and said ‘God, we’re smarter and better off without you,’” Thompson said. “We are dumbing down our schools. Performance is lowering. And our society is decaying (as a result).”

A former Missouri public educator, Thompson believes bringing religion back into education is the first and foremost imperative for the state and the country. Thompson has been endorsed by Judge Roy Moore, the former Alabama Chief Justice who refused to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments from the courthouse. Thompson himself was fired from his position as superintendent when he refused to remove a copy of the same religious text from his office in Humansville.

“Separtation of church and state… it is a common lie most people believe,” Thompson said. “Our Founding Fathers were Christians, and they knew how important God was to our Republic.”

Apart from religion in schools, Thompson favors domestic oil-drilling, further alternative energy development, the abolishment of the Department of Education, and lower to no taxes, which he sees to be inherantly unconstitutional.

“I am a statesman,” Thompson said. “Don’t call me a politician unless you mean to insult me.”

Thompson insisted that voters act on their consciences and not hedge their bets by voting for a major party.

“God will never honor voting for the lesser of two evils,” he said. “If we hold back our real opinions, than we have hurt our family, committed treason against our country and have made an affront against God.”


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