Luetkemeyer Campaign: Democratic Ad ‘Deceitful’

A TV ad paid for by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was pulled by two stations today, because it cited an article by The Maneater, a student newspaper at MU, that had since been corrected for misrepresenting Republican candidate Blaine Luetkemeyer’s stance on social security.

At issue was a line in the original article claiming that Luetkemeyer supported privatizing social security. The Maneater ran a clarification that stated, “Kyle Robertson, campaign manager for candidate Blaine Luetkemeyer, contacted The Maneater in a letter to say that Luetkemeyer favors allowing individuals to use personal accounts to invest their Social Security benefits, not ‘privatization.'”

The ad has been pulled from the rotation of Columbia stations KMIZ-TV and KRCG-TV, according to Luetkemeyer campaign press releases. It was apparently pulled from YouTube, as well, by the DCCC, and replaced by a similar ad that doesn’t reference The Maneater’s reporting. The DCCC could not be reached for comment.

The new ad depicts a roller coaster ride with newspaper pull-quotes likening the privatization of social security to taking “your retirement on a risky ride.” In today’s release, Paul Sloca, Luetkemeyer’s campaign spokesman, maintained that he does not support privatization of the program, calling the ad “the kind of Washington politics that the people of the Ninth District are tired of.”


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