Live Blogging – Thursday Evening’s Vice-Presidential Debate

Thursday evening, the two candidates for vice-president of the United States will meet and debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Now that the race is close, 44-year-old Sarah Palin, the two-year governor of Alaska, and 65-year-old Joe Biden, Delaware’s senator for the past 36 years, could be deal breakers or provide the necessary boost on election day. We have one candidate that is prone to public gaffes and another that has been in the media spotlight since she was tapped — so Wash U. and anyone with tickets to the event may have the best ticket in the presidential debate series.

But if you’re watching it on TV, join Missourian Public Life reporters Mary Elise DeCoursey, Holly Jackson, Shelby Prucha-Mitchell, Casey Smith and Spencer Willems for comments, fact checks, and the youth impression of a debate that promises to conquer the Friday morning headlines.

Readers, we’re hoping you will join the conversation. Visit the Watchword Blog Thursday at 8 pm to offer insight, ask questions and respond to our comments about the debate.


One Response

  1. I think Biden will do great tonight concentrating on the issues and giving concise answers that America wants to hear. That is what people really want to hear and need to hear is what is going to be done about the issues like care,disability,immigration reform,foreign policy and so much more.

    It is too bad that McCain had to sequester Sarah Palin on his ranch so she could get her debating tactics down so she could stand a chance against Biden.

    As of this post all of the polls and media are talking about McCain running behind due to Sarah Palin’s lack of experience.

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