Tribune gives nod to Schultz in 21st

Columbia Daily Tribune publisher, Henry J. Waters III, endorsed Kelly Schultz over Steve Hobbs on Saturday. Waters cited Schultz’s attention to specific policy measures in picking her over the “Republican schmoozer incumbent.”

Waters seemed confused in his column about where the 21st district actually is, however. He wrote that the Schultz will appeal to Democrats in Randolph county, when in fact the district is made up of bits of Audrain, Boone, Callaway, and Monroe counties. Waters also went as far as to say Schultz lived on a “small farm,” something which is simply not true. One appaloosa and a Welsh pony do not a small farm make.

Hobbs, who is a farmer by trade, was jabbed by Waters for representing the “entrenched” establishment, though Waters added the caveat that Hobbs is “by no means the worst of the lot.”

Waters was generous with complimentary cliches (smart as a whip, fits the bill) for the Democratic challenger.  At a church fundraiser at the Hallsville United Methodist on Saturday, Schultz said she was “very happy” about the endorsement if also a tad surprised.

Waters has endorsed Hobbs each of the past three elections.


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