Mediacom Thoughts?

I’m looking into a story about Mediacom’s shaky high-speed internet service. A few people have complained that it’s a chronic problem, and since Mediacom almost has a monopoly, I wanted to investigate if this is a problem. 

So, here’s where I ask for help! If you are a Mediacom customer and love it, or hate it, or have any thoughts on it, please let me know! I would love to have your input. 

You can e-mail me at:

OR call me at 573-673-3784

OR leave a comment here with your info so I can contact you. 

Thanks! The best journalism is driven by citizen’s demand, so please help me serve you!

One Response

  1. I have not many problems at all with Mediacom’s high speed cable Internet. I am not running the highest package they offer but my connection is 3 mb down and 256 kb up in a older residential connection but I have two gaming computers online 24/7 that run a MMORPG game that I play online( the game is set up so you can play live or even if you are away from your key board) and I also run what we computer geeks refer to as a “crash box” 24/7 that does all of my other various internet work such as email,web surfing,misc downloads and more. Yes I am a middle age computer geek. 🙂
    I rarely have any problems with their service and if there is an occasional burp I am not worried in the least as resetting my games or even my instant messenger is only the click of the mouse.
    I have heard of others having problems but I have to ask:

    Are they in older areas of town?

    What are they actually running that makes them upset about disconnects?

    Do these disconnects happen when it storms mainly?

    What speed of connection are they complaining about?

    There are alot of questions to be asked of these people complaining but as for my service I am pretty happy with it over all and I have been with them over 4 years now.

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