McCain stopped for BBQ in Columbia, campaign stop confirmed

We’ve heard that Sen. John McCain is dining at Buckingham’s on Monday.
We’ve been unable to get any confirmation from the restaurant. When we called, the person at the other end declined to confirm he was coming and hung up.
We still can’t get the McCain campaign to confirm the senator is coming to town.
Perhaps he doesn’t want to wait in line for his barbecue.

Update: John McCain did come and had lunch at Buckingham’s on Monday after he arrived at the Columbia Regional Airport at 12:25pm.


5 Responses

  1. If he is stopping for something to eat why not down town or if for BBQ why not that little restaurant on Sexton in the First Ward? What is he too good to dine with the folks of the First Ward of Columbia or is it mandatory he only dines in the plush pretty looking areas he goes to visit?

    Yes I am being an antagonist and all but hey my points of view are very relevant in nature. Think about it. If you as a candidate want to earn the votes of the people you want to represent do you go to the outskirts of a city or do you go directly to the heart of that city?

    I rest my case.

  2. So the people of the Fifth Ward aren’t as “good” as the people of the First Ward? What about the Second, Third, Fourth, and Sixth Wards that he is dismissing? Does Obama not like KC residents since he didn’t hold a big rally there after his rally at the Arch? Just sounds like someone looking for any reason to argue against McCain

  3. You miss the point John Schultz as usually you do.

    Now last report is he will be at the Air Port.

  4. Chuck, I addressed the obvious point you struggled to make (McCain is a racist apparently in your eyes), why don’t you tell us in plain English the second point?

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