What I learned from Robin Carnahan

So, last night, Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, who happens to be running for re-election this year, gave a short speech before State Representative Judy Baker (who is running to be the 9th District’s U.S. Representative) , who was before Attorney General Jay Nixon (running for MO governor), who introduced Barack Obama (running for United States president).

You can read several articles, watch a sweet slideshow, catch a couple videos and look at endless photos of the catalyst himself at the ColumbiaMissourian.com. This is not about Obama, though.

This is about something I learned about in my Communication Law class. The Supreme Court says you can’t campaign within 100 feet of a polling place. This is to save voters from being harrassed every step into the booth.

In Missouri, the law is 25 feet. Which is important not just for you die-hards who have been knocking on doors, beating down doors, racking up the phone bills calling voters and passing out any sort of printed material possible for the candidates. It’s also important for those ever-so-subtle supporters who rock the stylish label 2″ button, or the flashy, yet trendy, T-shirt with your hope for the future’s face on it. The McCain tie or the Barack belt buckle.

While you’re encouraged to investigate the candidates ahead of time and bring a printed ballot, or just your choices jotted down on a post-it, with you, you can’t bring them in your Chuck Graham totebag or Ed Robb briefcase.

Silly, perhaps? But, thoughtful as well. I found that interesting, since it’s something I didn’t think about while listening to my comm law lecture.

I just wanted you to be prepared as well. Now, as our esteemed editor Scott Swafford would say, “Get to work!”… and vote.


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