A final update from Cody’s???

Well from the amount of people I have spoken to, it might seem that I have to leave early considering this place could be locking down. Take into consideration that it is a weekday at this fine place and business is not busy.

I was able to listen in on a few conversations between the bartender and a few customers speaking about the pending election results. As a few key states’ results came in, I was able to witness one of the customers at the bar storm out in fury after hearing the various newscasters predicting doom for John McCains chances of winning. It goes to show how much effort you put into one candidate can come up to being a disappointment.

As fewer and fewer people left Cody’s to watch the final results at their respected homes, I was able to join in on a group chat with a few customers.

When speaking about how the national media and how its results affect viewers, 911 Operator, Angie Purvis gave her own insight.

“I just find it almost complete BS how people are reacting to this coverage. I was once in the bathroom at Cody’s one night and noticed a few girls in there shouting, ‘Who’s all voting for Obama??’ It’s all just nonsense. Everyone needs to avoid conflict with all this. I’d suggest wait until every vote is counted!”

Cody’s Owner, Beckie Reynolds felt the same way, claiming that every vote should be counted, allowing for all this debating to be over with.

With the counting in full swing right now, Barack Obama is leading John McCain with 207 electoral votes to 89, according to CNN.com.

Well, apparently everyone here at Cody’s has gone home to watch the results, and the owner has willingly asked to leave. I will see what else I can do as the night progresses.

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