Did Obama win? Just ask facebook!

Much like it did this morning, facebook let the news of the presidential election. Whether students were pleased or upset with the nomination of Sen. Barack Obama as the President of the United States.

Here’s a few statuses that made my news feed:

“…is feeling truly optimistic about life in this country for the first time in a long time.”

“…is so excited that real change is coming! Obama, I am so ready for you to lead me to it!”

“…is truly at a loss of words! My President Obama has created history and I am honored that my vote had a part in it! Tears of joy are welcomed and warranted!”

“…doesn’t care if you like McCain or not, but don’t disrespect the man for being a POW!”

“…Regret 08.”

“…still has hope, because I hope I am dead wrong about Obama. I hope he does well for our country… Even though McCain is conceding, he is doing it with class.”

“…did not vote for Obama, but he is now the 44th president and I will support him. I want nothing but success for the greatest nation in the world.”

Sadly, I also witnessed racist comments being published on facebook statuses, but I chose to leave them out of the roundup.


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