Election Opinions From Cody’s Saloon

As I sit here at Cody’s Sallon, located on the north end of Paris Rd., sitting by the local dance floor watching customers learning to do various country dances , it seemed as though the local political demographic would be a no brainier. However, I was not intent on getting the public opinion of who voted for who.

What I’m looking for here is get local customers and employees opinions on election day as a whole and what they will be saying as each state’s vote is counted.

I was able to get a few opinions about this historical election and what they expect for tonight. Some shared a few opinions that weren’t directed to slam any of the main candidates.

“I’m just glad that it’s over,” said Kim Long of Coumbia. “I’m just happy that we can get back to normalcy and just forget about all the ‘robo-calls’ that I have been recieving all week.”

“I was just sick of all the slamming toward each candidate,” said Becky Reynolds, owner of Cody’s Saloon. “It’s just a relief to see this all come to an end.”

A friend of the two women I spoke to also had a nice opinion to say concerning the election.

“I say at midnight during the morning of the election, I suggest a cut on ads,” said Letha Blackford, of Columbia. “It just seems like a good decision to do, since we’re all tired of this election and glad that we voted.”

At the moment as I type this, a few states have already closed their polls for counting. Kentucky and Vermont were the latest to declare the winner in their respected area. As of now, McCain leads with eight electoral votes to Obama’s three.

Although, this all will change in a matter of a few hours as more and more polls across the country begin to count their votes.

I will update with more opinions in less than an hour from Cody’s.

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