Excitement unleased at Black Culture Center

Danielle Walker jumps off her seat as Obama as predicted to win

Danielle Walker jumps off her seat as Obama is predicted to win.

More thoughts from the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center election watch party:

Danielle Walker: Tears streamed down Walker’s eyes as she fought to find the words to describe emotions she had never felt before. “I’m so overwhelmed, so exhilarated. I can’t believe this happened. I was so nervous throughout the night because I thought it would be an upset. The barriers keep breaking down further for American-Americans and minorities.”

Felena White: “This is a statement that we (blacks) are not worthless. Every black person is not a failure. I can go to sleep knowing we did something.  I thought for sure they’d try to cheat us like they did with Kerry in 2004. But there was no way. If we would have lost it would have been hell. I’m proud to say I had a part in this. It was a great effort that we joined together, even though a few still think we can’t accomplish anything. We couldn’t have done it alone.”

The crowd of about 70 has now congregated around the screen, waiting for Obama’s acceptance speech.

Columbia Missourian


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