The Race Around the World: An American Abroad

Dave Freeman, a Bostonian currently living in England, believes the people abroad have all decided on Obama, but he’s not sure about the people back home. He describes himself as “hopeful but resistant” to assuming that Obama, the candidate he endorses, will win.

“The general consensus over here seems to be all Obama all of the time. The vast majority of people I’ve spoken to seem to be in favor of him. …I was just in Paris for a few days and the first question everyone asked when they found out I was American was not “Who are you voting for?” but rather “Are you voting for Obama?” Among people I’ve met abroad, there seems to be very little doubt that he’s the better choice. Most people are just waiting to see – as one Frenchman described it to me – “whether collectively, America can overcome its past stupidity and elect the right man.” Some of that may have to do with the fact that – as near as I can tell – he’s getting far more media coverage here than McCain. Many of the articles I’ve read or pieces I’ve seen on the news about the election have been about Obama and the election, rather than treating the two candidates together. It seems media outlets are striving for equal treatment, but most can’t help betraying the sentiments I’ve observed: that Obama is the more interesting and sensible choice.”

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