The Race Around the World: Englishmen Wary of Obama

Trevor Fox, an airline management consultant from London, thinks a long track record is paramount.

“Once again America is poised to elect a President that it hardly knows, that has no track record and virtually no experience in government. More in hope than judgement. Let’s hope for all our sakes that this one works out for the best.”

Anthony Dakin, an English teacher from Winchester, doesn’t quite trust Obama.

“If I were American, I would probably vote for McCain, even though in the UK my left wing leanings are supposed to make me more Democrat-friendly. And it’s because of Obama, and it has nothing to do with race. He seems to me to be a strange kind of political automaton. His calmness is eerie. His voice is a study in aural massage – a kind of mesmerising trick…

“Perhaps it’s the usual British mistrust of people with no physical, cosmetic or dental deformities, but with that sort of perfect ‘organism’ with his hand on the world’s tiller I fear we will all end up sailing merrily into a vapid, eerie and inhuman ‘multicultural’ future. You know, the sort of future where outspoken political opposition leads to patient but inevitable arrest and humane, ‘re-education’ by nice mixed race ‘facilitators’ with perfect teeth.”


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