The Race Around the World: England – Part II

Here are the thoughts from another foreigner, English composer Tom Young.

“Aside from one woman I met recently comparing Obama’s swift rise to power from relative obscurity to Hitler (I tried to point out there weren’t many other parallels but got the feeling she wasn’t going to change her mind…) everyone’s basically in love with Obama, including every British newspaper and the BBC,” Tom writes in an email.

He continues: “My feeling is that people are very engaged and in touch with the election (it gets huge coverage over here) and quite excited, but part of that is “anything’s better than Bush”. Also most people are 100% convinced Obama’s going to win. Oh and Sarah Palin is the mainstay of most of our satirical news-type programmes, just as she apparently is on your side of the pond.”

From another English person who wishes to remain anonymous: “With respect to whether the Bradley effect is going feature in this election, I don’t think Obama is black enough.”

(The “Bradley effect” takes its name from Tom Bradley, an African-American who lost a gubernatorial race in California despite being ahead in the polls. The idea is that in political contests between a white person and non-white person, many people will profess to be undecided or to be voting for the non-white candidate and then vote for the white candidate on election day.)

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