The Race Around the World: English Poets on the Colorado Speech

Wendy Cope, a 63 year old English poet writes, “I saw McCain’s Colorado speech on the news and thought he was really good. If I had a vote and hadn’t used it yet, I might have been persuaded. But then I think of all those African-Americans who are so moved by the idea of a black president – I have found them moving. If Obama loses now, I guess there will be trouble. He is impressive, of course. It bugs me that young people like him just because he’s young.”

Lachlan MacKinnon, a slightly younger English poet takes a different angle: “I’ve just watched McCain in Colorado; weird to see him so desperate in that state…

“A poll here showed that 80% of British people support Obama. Many Conservative MPs have said that they do. Why? I think weariness with a war people feel they were lied into (a war I still think it was at the time right to fight) and a sense that there was no proper planning for the aftermath (though most people wouldn’t be aware of General Powell and so forth).There’s real unwillingness to concede that Bush may be brighter than he’s portrayed. There’s also deep ignorance about the United States, of course.

“There is also a widespread fear here that President Obama would not leave office alive. For those of us emotionally tied to the United States, this is a very great fear because of the setback an assassination would represent.For more than the US.”


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