Update from Cody’s Saloon

So far as I speak to more customers and locals at Cody’s, I’m starting to get almost the same opinion to what each one is feeling about the election. Any customer to which I speak to seems to have the same comment on how they’re “happy” or “glad” to see the election to be over with. Most felt that it was a relief since the campaigns have been bothering them with their own day-to-day activities.

One fellow customer, as she glanced at all the usual customers who are engaging in their weekly country dance routine, asked one of her friends if she had voted, which prompted me to ask why. However, she backed her case to make her name anonymous to this blog.

Right now as I’m checking the electoral college count, most sources have have already started to call the winner in each state, despite a zero percent vote count. It really puzzled me a bit.

I’ll be asking a few more questions regarding what some people will think of the country with either Obama or McCain as president.

More to come in a bit!


2 Responses

  1. Hey Harry,
    I want to know what the people at Cody’s Bar think about the media projecting the winner of each state when so few precincts have reported in.

    How did they react when Pennsylvania was called so early?

    Also, how many beers have you had?

  2. Haha. Well, I’m not engaging in any alcoholic activities for this historical night. I’ll ask around about how they feel about media covering this history-making night.

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