Do You Have Rental Woes?

Hello Watchword viewers!

I am currently working on a story about the Boone County Commission and how they do not have a procedure to make sure landlords keep up with the maintenance  of their rental properties. Basically, if a tenant has a serious problem with the place they are renting, the commission does not have any authority to make the landlord fix it.

I have a few properties in mind to check out, but if anyone would like to refer me to anyone who is having problems with the maintenance of their apartment, or has called in a complaint with the Boone County Commission, I would be very grateful. We are looking at public safety issues: toilets that don’t work or sewage backups, leaky roofs, rats, etc. 

If anyone has any tips, you can e-mail me, Amanda Woytus, at or reach me on my cell phone at 636-345-1225.


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