Nuclear Future?

Mayor Darwin Hindman’s letter to AmerenUE President and CEO Thomas Vos has re-circulated within public circles. Citizen journalists and interest groups have brought this nearly four-month-old letter to the forefront.

Why does this matter? Why bring up a four-month-old letter now?

The letter, shown below, expresses Darwin Hindman’s personal interest in the proposed second Callaway nuclear power plant. It also features Hindman’s summary of Columbia’s future energy needs and his personal opinion regarding alternative options to Callaway II. If AmerenUE formally approaches the city, or vice versa, this letter certainly reveals how Mayor Hindman would approach any offer/deal/proposal of partnership.

Current legislation making its run through the state senate could overturn the construction while in progress (CWIP) laws that voters originally initiated. With CWIP laws no longer in effect, AmerenUE will be able to fund the construction through rate increases.

So, if the overturn of CWIP laws fails, AmerenUE might be looking to alternative sources to help with finances, possibly including and certainly not limited to a partnership or deal with the city of Columbia. Of course, any partnership of any sort would have to be approved by the City Council.

Hindman’s letter, the proposed Callaway II nuclear power plant and state legislation possibly overturning CWIP laws could be the forerunners to Columbia’s energy future.

Hindman’s Letter:


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