Richland Road development put on hold again

A 272-acre development on the east side of town is being put on hold until April to give the applicant more time to draft an agreement with the city.

The developers, East Richland Road Properties LLC and Richland Road Properties LLC, requested that their property be annexed into the city under the conditions that it is zoned for planned commercial and high-density housing. Their agreement with the city will determine the planning of the commercial development, try to conform the housing to the Metro 2020 Plan and create a fair deal to upgrade the roads around the area.

Residents in the area expressed concerns on Thursday night about the infrastructure in the are and asked the Planning and Zoning Commission not to recommend approval until the roads are dealt with. They argued that a potential 1,359 PUD units would over-stress the area.

The plot of land also lies on the planned future extension of Rolling Hills Road and proposed extension of 740/Stadium Boulevard.

Robert Hollis, the attorney representing the developers, told the Watchword that they don’t want to develop the area before the roads are there though.

Nevertheless, many area residents spoke against the rezoning and many said that they would be back in April to see what the Planning and Zoning Commission’s decision is then.


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