UK’s PetScreen picks Columbia as North American site

Last Wednesday, Columbia’s Regional Economic Development, Inc. (REDI) announced that PetScreen, a UK company that works to develop cancer detection and treatment tools for dogs and cats, has chosen Columbia to be home to its North American Headquarters.

At first I was excited about the impending influx of British culture, but as it turns out most of the positions created will be filled from within our community. PetScreen is expected to eventually create as many as 30 jobs in Columbia including veterinarians, lab technicians, lab managers, sales staff and office workers.

The business is expected to start up operation within the next several weeks when their chief science officer arrives in town. It won’t be long after that that vet clinics start shipping in blood samples for analysis and recommendations.

The company is renting 800 square feet of wet lab space (the kind of labs we used in high school chemistry with fume hoods, sinks, gas burners, floor drains, etc.) in the University of Missouri Life Science Business Incubator at Monsanto Place. They were brought to Columbia largely though the efforts of REDI and chose Columbia over locations in New York and North Carolina.

Bernie Andrews, executive vice president of REDI, said one of the main reasons they chose us was to become part of the Animal Science Corridor that stretches from Manhattan, Kan., to Columbia.

Mayor Darwin Hindman said in a news release that he is “extremely pleased.”

“PetScreen will not only bring good paying jobs and the potential for more, it is the exact kind of economic development success that is particularly good for Columbia, because it will bring collaboration with the University researchers benefiting both the University and the community and will tend to attract more business dependent on research” the mayor said. “It also shows the value to the community of the newly opened business incubator.”

REDI’s purpose is to bring business and industry to the Columbia area.

“We hope to be able to duplicate this kind of success several more times this year,” Andrews said.

Chairman Graeme Radcliffe and Chief Executive Dr. Kevin Slater the Founding Partners of PetScreen Ltd.

Chairman Graeme Radcliffe and Chief Executive Dr. Kevin Slater the Founding Partners of PetScreen Ltd. If that's not British, I don't know what is.

Photograph courtesy of Spike Productions


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