Second Ward candidates rely on Web

Primary campaign literature used by each Second Ward candidate.

Primary campaign literature used by each Second Ward candidate.

The attached image is remarkable for two reasons:

  1. The web addresses you see in the bottom right-hand corner of each handout are the only means of contact on either document. No phone, no office hours, no address, not even an e-mail. If someone wants to talk, donate, gripe or otherwise hassle their chosen candidate, they’ll have to do so through the World Wide Web.
  2. It may be the single worst photograph ever published by a Columbia Missourian outlet. There’s a reason why me and my cell phone camera don’t work for the photo department.

Allan Sharrock’s card is almost nothing but a pointer to If you want to learn anything about the candidate, you’ll have to visit his site.

Jason Thornhill’s handout is a little more in-depth, listing some issues and qualifications and even providing a lovely picture of his wife, Leslie, and children Cooper and Kenley. But, in the end, it points only to

I’m guessing this says something interesting about the role the Internet has come to play in political campaigns. It might even say something about the candidates themselves. But, in the end, I think the most interesting part is that I’ve never heard anyone object or question the web-only route. At this point, it’s almost expected.

Editor Scott Swafford and I discussed candidates’ web presences with Sean Powers last month on The Beat, check it out here.


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