The costs of running for office

As the Sixth Ward City Council candidates’ profiles make their debut on the Missourian website, I find it appropriate to share some insight into the lives of both Barbara Hoppe and Rod Robison that didn’t make it into the print edition.

While many of the folks that have kept up with the election might know, the life of a candidate can be a little stressful. Because of all the time they commit to their day jobs,  to preparing for and attending public forums and to walking the streets with their messages, it seems the candidates have grown a greater appreciation for the time they can invest elsewhere.

Unfortunately, Rod and Barbara have had to spend some of that free time in unhappy circumstances. For Barbara, her elderly mother has fallen ill and is deteriorating. For Rod, his cousin and best friend Mark is dying from cancer.

In the midst of their busy lives, both candidates have found and reserved time in the very recent past to be with their family members, but I would bet that both would reserve more time if they could.

So, when folks begin to wonder what it takes to run for office, remember that the cost is sometimes more than just money, energy and time. Sometimes, these candidates are losing something more that they might never be able to get back. That’s part of their cost of running for office.


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