Columbia’s Daily Dish (June 11, 2009)

· City Council gives props to Columbia police chief’s vision (CM)     When new Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton finished talking at City Council’s annual retreat last weekend about the future of the police department, council members and city staff applauded. His was the only presentation that drew such a response.

· TIF Commission backs two applications (CM)     The Tax Increment Financing Commission voted to recommend approval to the City Council for the TIF applications of both The Tiger Hotel and the Tenth and Locust project during the commission’s meeting Tuesday afternoon.

· Special Business District Board votes to create improvement district petition (CM)     The Special Business District Board on Tuesday voted in favor of creating a petition which, if enough signatures are gathered, would eventually create a Community Improvement District downtown.

· West Broadway expansion options revealed (CM)     Residents and neighborhood association members of West Broadway and surrounding Old Southwest were in attendance for the final Community Advisory Committee meeting on the West Broadway expansion.

· Columbia plans to install first red-light cameras (CM)     The city of Columbia plans to install red-light cameras at two intersections by early next month.  

· Neighbors rally against crime (CDT)     Do north Columbia residents care about crime in their neighborhoods? A standing-room-only crowd of about 250 people spilling out of the Tiger Shrine Club dining room last night gave a resounding answer: “Yes, we do.”


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