Columbia’s Daily Dish (June 12, 2009)

· Friday is the official switchover to digital television (CM)     If you haven’t heard about the digital television transition and use a TV set with an antenna manufactured earlier than 2004, then your TV may go blank forever unless you take action.

· New bridge design will reduce flooding in McBaine (CM)      Officials say a new bridge over Perche Creek on Burr Oak Road will be safer than the current structure for drivers and will help prevent flooding in McBaine, thanks to a new design.

· Columbia Library will get additional parking spaces for patrons (CM)     Plans to construct a new parking lot for the Columbia Public Library at the intersection of Garth Avenue and Walnut Street was approved by the county library board Thursday night.

· Columbia considers cyclist harassment ordinance (CM)     Gail Ludwig, an MU assistant professor of geography, prides herself on being a very careful cyclist. She knows the hand signal she needs to do to when she makes a left-hand turn. She uses cycling as her main method of commuting. And while she doesn’t have too many “horror stories,” she’s had some experiences on her bike she wishes had never happened.

· Idea of city chickens is complex (CDT)     Board of Health members last night pondered a familiar question with a twist: How can a chicken cross the road — into the city limits?

· New law to affect those building by streams (CDT)     Clean water and flood control are common goals, but there are differing views about whether a new stream buffer ordinance is the best way to achieve them.


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