Columbia’s Daily Dish (July 9, 2009)

· Bicycle harassment debate far from over (CM)     Fourth Ward Councilman Jerry Wade says public discourse is the answer to the growing split between bicyclists and motorists in Columbia.

· UPDATE: Fire District: Missouri Task Force One functional despite audit (CM)     After the release of an audit by the Homeland Security Department’s inspector general that could result in the Boone County Fire Protection District having to return more than $750,000 to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, officials at the Fire District said they were optimistic that the agency’s day-to-day operations would be unaffected.

· City delays installation of red-light cameras (CM)     The city received permission from the Missouri Department of Transportation on Thursday to install red-light cameras at two local intersections, but will not meet its original goal of having them in place by the end of the week.

· HUD grants city about $1.5 million (CDT)     Of nearly $4 million the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development is releasing to Missouri this year, Columbia will receive more than $1 million for programs that aim to create housing and community improvements.


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