Red-Light Cameras Delayed Again

The city might be putting off the installation of its first two red-light cameras for a few more days.

Gatso USA, the company that owns and operates the cameras, recently received approval from the Missouri Department of Transportation to install the cameras at the intersections of Stadium Boulevard and Worley Street and at Broadway and Providence Road.

Assistant City Manager Tony St. Romaine said that work at the intersections should begin on Thursday or Friday. He hopes the cameras will be running in seven to 10 days.

The cameras were originally supposed to be running on the week of July 6. The plans were delayed because the city needed approval from MoDOT to make changes to the two intersections.

St. Romaine said that there will still be a 30-day warning period during which drivers receive warnings instead of tickets for red-light violations. The city also has planned an advertising campaign to inform drivers of the installation of the cameras.


One Response

  1. What they fail to mention is the only way Red Light cameras are effective is to shorten the yellow lights so you catch more red light runners (ergo: more traffic fines)

    Just ask Springfield.

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