Columbia’s Daily Dish (July 16, 2009)

· Daniel Boone City Building renovation well under way, official says (CM)     If city hall construction progresses as scheduled over the next several months, the City Council could have its first meeting of 2010 in the five-story, 55,000 square-foot addition taking shape at 701 E. Broadway and Eighth Street.

· City street-marking project to continue through next week (CM)     For motorists frustrated with temporary lane markings around town, a solution is on its way.

· Lane additions planned at Old 63 and Broadway (CM)     A new look is coming to the intersection of Old 63 and Broadway with the addition of dual left-turn lanes to provide more space for motorists.

· Bicycle/Pedestrian Commission doesn’t want bike ordinance suspended (CM)     The Bicycle/Pedestrian Commission said suspending the bicycle harassment ordinance would send the wrong message to the public.

· Foray into TIF brings questions, critics (CDT)     More than a year ago, the Columbia City Council approved a measure that allows developers to capture tax revenue generated by their projects to help offset costs. This concept of public financing for private developments — known as tax increment financing, or TIF — mostly flew under the radar until this spring, when two projects seeking to use TIF worked their way through the application process.


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