Widening Stadium

I realized just how stressful it is to be a City Council member at a Wednesday work session. I know that IS their job, to determine when and where to allocate money, but when organizations/commissions from The Humane Society to pipe-fixing engineers are clamoring for a piece of the money pie…it gets ugly.

Third Ward Councilman Karl Skala, in my interview with him, said, “In my ward on the eastern side, I’m concerned that so much money is being put towards the Stadium project that there won’t be enough to allocate to some of the roads that have needed attention for a long time.” Skala cited the Clark Lane/Ballinger situation as well as the condition of St. Charles Rd. from Lake of the Woods to Keene Street.

City Manager Bill Watkins said that none of the other scheduled road improvements will be postponed due to funding of the Stadium project.

On another note, the Elm Street extension, in the words of Fourth Ward Councilman Jerry Wade, “isn’t even on the radar.” So the Sasaki design plans to stimulate downtown may be put on hold, due to local and state economies. So are we destined to remain stagnant for another five years?


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