Columbia’s Daily Dish (August 1, 2009)

· Columbia’s city manager proposes 3 percent budget decrease (CM) The proposed city budget for 2010 is down from the previous year for the first time since the mid-1980s, Bill Watkins said during a scheduled news conference Thursday. If passed by City Council, spending will be 3 percent lower than the 2009 fiscal year.

· City budget at a glance (CM) The basics of City Manager Bill Watkins’ proposed budget for fiscal 2010

· Changes throw cars a curve (CDT) Commuters on Broadway and Providence Road might have noticed some modifications this week as lane restriping and new medians have altered patterns drivers have been accustomed to for decades.

· Find out why that bus is late — in 140 characters or fewer (CDT) Columbia Transit merged onto the information superhighway this week, establishing a Twitter account to update bus passengers instantly on schedules and delays.

· Downtown cops solicit new panel (CDT) As an extension of the Columbia Police Department’s focus on crime prevention downtown, officers are now recruiting businesses as well as faith-based communities to join a committee focused on downtown safety issues.


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