MU student loses bid for Young Democrats of America office

By Erik Haugsby:

MU senior Rick Puig lost his election Saturday to become the Young Democrats of America vice president. Elections took place at the annual YDA convention, held this year in Chicago.

He lost to Colmon Eldridge of Detroit.

Puig, who studies political science at MU, was the only Missourian vying for office in this year’s elections. He previously held positions in the MU College Democrats, where he was communications director and later treasurer. More recently, he was elected president of the Young Democrats of Missouri in 2007 and was the only student member of the Rules Committee at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Nate Kennedy, former president of the Young Democrats of Missouri College Federation, was a member of the Missouri delegation that traveled to the YDA convention. When I talked to him on Friday, he was exited about Puig’s campaign.

“It’s going really well, he’s just all over the place,” he said. During the campaign, Puig traveled, often only on weekends to avoid conflicts with classes. He traveled as a slate led by YDA presidential candidate Chris Anderson, who was also defeated. Much of his campaigning occurred at YDA state-level conventions in Washington, Oklahoma and Virginia, among others.

“The rest of the YDA has rallied around to support him and we brought one of the largest delegation, over 40 people,” Kennedy said.


4 Responses

  1. He lost to Colmon Eldridge. Not only did he loose but he lost via the largest vote difference. Eldridge got roughly 1900 votes and Puig barely got 300.

  2. I am the former chair of the YDMO College Federation, btw. Rick’s vote margin was on par for the rest of his ticket. There was some drop off by Rick’s race, the forth vote, because it was obvious the other slate was going to be elected in full.

  3. I was there at the convention. He lost by the biggest margin. Just barely getting over 300 votes. By contrast the other candidates on his slate got nearly 800 votes, but still lost by big margins. People did not like Rick’s attitude and definately did not like what he did to the STL chapter. Other states all allow whomever wants to be a delegate can be a delegate if they live in and are active in their state. But rick and his lackey kids of MU decided they were going to be the MU gestapo and kept STL out of the mix. That’s why so many people voted against rick. I hope he learned a lesson. And on top of that, he was running with the biggest idiot in YDA. Chris Anderson was a joke. If you know any YDA history, this kid was some waiter with a sucky life in Chattanooga, who wanted to get a title. He ran with two other popular presidents Chris Gallaway and David Hardt. Both times, Anderson just won his election because he was riding coat tells of Gallaway and Hardt. Now that this kid runs on his own, he learned a lesson. You have to really care about something, not just a title. He was going around telling everyone he had this election won, what an idiot! He and his buddy Billy Joiner of Joyner couldn’t save an election to save their life. Good riddence from YDA!!!

  4. Kevin,

    I didn’t realize YDA kicked out those who lost elections. WTF?

    Anderson, Joyner, and everyone else who was unsuccessful in their spirited campaigns has every right, and is fully encouraged to stay in YDA and help strengthen the organization. With an attitude like yours, however, you should consider finding a new organization.

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