New mayor speculation the talk of the town

Since the announcement that Mayor Darwin Hindman won’t join the mayoral race this spring, several people have come forward

Darwin Hindman and his wife, Axie

Darwin Hindman and his wife, Axie

or been discussed on the Columbia Daily Tribune’s comment section as possible candidates to take the office.

In yesterday’s story, reported that Fourth Ward Councilman Jerry Wade has been “mulling over” a run for mayor but has not made a decision and that retired bank executive Bob Roper, a columnist for the Columbia Daily Tribune, said in February that he will not run for mayor. Roper said yesterday that it is “highly unlikely” he would seek the office.

Those commenting on the Tribune’s story have mentioned Wade, Inside Columbia publisher Fred Parry, Fifth Ward Councilwoman Laura Nauser, Sixth Ward Councilwoman Barbara Hoppe and even former 23rd District State Rep. Jeff Harris as possible candidates to succeed Hindman.

Arnie Fagan, a Realtor and owner of Cool Stuff downtown, didn’t opt out of the race.

“I might consider it,” Fagan told the Missourian on Thursday afternoon. He said he would look to see who else might run and that he would be less likely to do so if he believes there’s a good candidate.

The Missourian is making the rounds right now with other possible candidates. If you have suggestions or ideas, let us know by commenting either below or at


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