Potential street name changes

There may be some significant changes coming along Providence Road. Interestingly enough, portions of the outer road system along Providence have never been officially named. However, a proposed ordinance brought in front of the city council on August 17 would finally give a name to these anonymous roadways.

Planning and Development Director Tim Teddy informed the council that the name changes might include:

  • the outer road on the west side of Providence being officially named “Providence Outer Road”
  • the outer road on the east side of Providence north of Green Meadows officially becoming “Carter Lane”
  • the outer road on the east side of Providence south of Green Meadows officially becoming “Buttonwood Drive”

“This started as the concern of several departments that approached us as the department that coordinates street names and street name changes.” Teddy said. “Emergency services and street mapping folks, in particular, are reporting some inconsistencies in the way these roads are referred to or identified on signs or identified by city maps.”

Teddy also told the council that this would involve, “a pretty good number of address change if we are to be consistent between address and street names.”

The council approved the motion, and Teddy recommended the first step be to notify adjacent property owners and let them know “what might be coming.”

Currently, locations on the Providence outer road system have South Providence addresses. Stoney Creek Inn and Rock Bridge High School are among the locations that have South Providence in their address.

Interim Director for Public Safety Joint Communications Zim Schwartze has been in attendance at meetings Teddy has organized for the proposed ordinance, and says she supports it.

“To me it does make sense so we can have exact addresses and locations,” Schwartze said. “However, I very much understand this will cause problems and issues with the addresses of existing homes and businesses.”

I’ll have an in-depth story on this proposed ordinance in the coming days, so check out the Missourian and Watchword for updates.


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  1. I find the lack of uniformity in street names in the town interesting to say the least. Why can’t we just bite the bullet and name streets one name from beginning to end. Vawter, Nifong, Grindstone come to mind.

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