City manager discusses blues festival money

Missourian Photo of Watkins.

Missourian Photo of Watkins.

One of the items on the agenda under new business for Tuesday’s City Council meeting is discussion of the operating agreement with Thumper Entertainment for this year’s Roots ‘n Blues ‘n BBQ Festival.

At Bill Watkin’s pre-council press conference this morning, he discussed the city’s investment in the festival. Some highlights:

  • For trash and recycling services, one of the attachments to the agenda indicates the city’s estimated cost to be $12,043.93. Watkins said this money will be re-paid to the city by Thumper Entertainment as written in the agreement . The two parties made a similar arrangement last year.
  • Watkins said the estimated cost of providing security services for the event will be about $20,000, which the city expects to recover with the money it will receive from ticket sales (the city will receive $1 for each ticket sold). Watkins also said that Thumper Entertainment is estimating about 40,000 tickets will be sold.
  • The city will pay Thumper Entertainment $15,000 from the tourism development festival and events fund to be used as prize money for the barbecue contest.

A couple other quick points about general issues that have been debated this summer:

  • Lawn chairs will be allowed in the ticketed area.
  • The city’s open container ordinance will be temporarily lifted in designated areas of the festival.

I’m working on a story about the festival agreement for next week after the council discusses the issue at its meeting. What else are you wondering about the Roots ‘n Blues ‘n BBQ festival and what do you think about how the council is managing it?


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  1. Way to go Watkins, You are pathetic for alienating the shooter in Kansas. Please resign your position for making James Kraig Kahler act even worse. You should have gotten him help. Sure no one will help you either.

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