CDD 9/18: Boone County Commission votes not to increase property tax

Columbia’s Daily Dish 9/18

Boone County Commission votes not to increase property tax (CM) The Boone County Commission voted unanimously not to increase property taxes this year, opting instead to use reserve money to cover a projected shortfall for 2009. But county officials cautioned they could face the same decision next year if sales tax revenue continues to decline.

MU professors discuss privacy law on Constitution Day (CM) When the U.S. Founding Fathers signed a document more than 200 years ago that ensured basic human rights for the people of that young nation, a right to privacy was not clearly expressed.

UPDATE: Taxpayers to see $20 million increase to state employee pension fund (CM) The pension board for state workers decided Thursday that the state will need to contribute $276 million into the pension fund for state employees next year, a $20 million increase over the current budget year, according to the state budget office.

Student loan default rates up 40 percent from 2008 (CM) Student loan default rates in Missouri are up 40 percent since 2008, the Missouri Department of Higher Education reported Thursday.

County rejects property tax hike (CDT) A group of Boone County elected officials expressed their opposition Thursday afternoon to a proposed property tax hike, prompting the county commission to reject a proposed increase and instead dip into reserve funds if necessary to balance its 2009 budget.

City takeover works for parkland (CDT) There was something missing this week from a public meeting to discuss the creation of a new park in southeast Columbia: outrage. Local News


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