CDD 9/28: City employees work hard to make traces of festival disappear

Columbia’s Daily Dish 9/28

City employees work hard to make traces of festival disappear (CM) The Roots ‘N Blues ‘N BBQ festival provided plenty of entertainment this weekend, but it also provided Columbia with tons of trash.

Government, private sector argue about emergency control of Internet (AP via CM) There’s no kill switch for the Internet, no secret on-off button in an Oval Office drawer.

After long layoff, job seekers return to routine (AP via CM) If surveys and statistics are to be believed, the job market is beginning to show a pulse, which means some laid-off workers will need to adjust to the 9-to-5 routine again.

Water, water everywhere (CDT) When it rains, it drains. That much is simple. But managing stormwater is a complex, inexact science and a duty that the state and federal governments have handed cities and counties that discharge water through storm drains into rivers, creeks and streams.

YouZeum cutbacks are ‘difficult time’ (CDT) The YouZeum has reduced its general admission hours to two days a week and has lost its second director in a year. Local News


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