25 submit stormwater logos

As of Friday afternoon, Nicki Brown, stormwater educator, had received 25 submissions for the stormwater logo contest. The deadline was 5 p.m., Friday.

The effort is part of the “outreach and education” aspect of the stormwater program.  It aims at educating the public on the Environmental Protection Agency’s requirement to prevent run off and downstream erosion and generally keep pollutants, such as the oils in asphalt, out of natural habitats.

The 25 submissions will be narrowed down to only the best.

“We’ll pull out the ones that really catch our eye,” Brown said. “It could be three or it could be 10.”

The finalists will then have the opportunity Friday, Oct. 9, to participate in a design course at the University of Missouri, and after tweaking their images, a winner will be decided.

The first place winner will receive $100, and his or her art teacher will receive $200 to use on supplies. Second and third place winners will receive $50 each.

The winner’s logo will also be used as the official logo for the stormwater program.

“The logos are going to be used mostly for education tools for the stormwater program,” Brown said. These include brochures, websites, pencils, and pens, she said.

Correction: The finalists will not be taking part in the design class on Friday, Oct. 9. After the finalists are chosen, negotiation with their teachers will follow to ascertain the best time to miss class. They will be taking part in the class later in October.

2 Responses

  1. Why not let the public vote on the logos? They are the ones who are supposed to recognize it later, aren’t they?

  2. Good point, Eric. Today, Nicki Brown gave the green light for posting the finalists’ designs on the Missourian website for a public vote. They are, however, reserving the right to choose the final design regardless of the vote.

    They will be taking it into consideration, though.

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