Agreement Approved to Make Structural Repairs on Tenth and Cherry Streets Parking Garage

The Columbia City Council adopted an agreement with Walker Restoration Consultants to work on repairs on the Tenth and Cherry streets parking garage. The council voted unanimously in its Oct. 5 meeting. 

The parking garage was constructed in 1995. Fixes were previously made on the garage five years ago but “were not strong enough to be maintained,” said Public Works Director John Glascock.

During an inspection of the garage, it was found that panels are out of plumb, or not vertical, and some are bowing. Documents for an agreement between the city and Walker Restoration Consultants indicate that spandrel beams have experienced out of plane movement. A full list of estimated repairs is available at

Glascock said these problems have not been seen in other Columbia garages. “Fairly major repairs need to be made,” said City Manager Bill Watkins.  

Walker Restoration Consultants was chosen by the Public Works Department  because of an existing good working relationship between the two, said Glascock.

No cost estimates have been determined. Watkins said he hopes the repairs can be paid for from annual revenues. The documents estimate internal and external expenses incurred by the architect will be $43,500. 

Mayor Darwin Hindman suggested also adding to the aesthetics of the garage. He said it is not up to the standards of what would be expected from a parking garage in Columbia. He also said in the future, if parking rates are raised, garages could  be “continually spiffed up.”

Watkins said, “The garage is safe. It’s not going to fall down tomorrow.” He went on to say that repairs should be made before problems arise.


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