Mid Missouri Animal Legislation to host Saturday panel

In previous years, the Mid-Missouri Animal Legislation hosted small-scale public forums regarding animal welfare. But for the upcoming Plate Palate and Ballot, they have expanded the talking points, adding food, health and environmental stewardship to the discussion.

“Sustainable farming, local food sourcing and health are interlinked with animal welfare,” said Daria Kerridge, a member of the group and panel organizer. “Our group (Mid Missouri Animal Legislation) is a small sector, and the human issues are so gripping. This is a way for the public to take everything in.”

Local experts, health professionals, business owners and politicians make up the panel for Plate Palate and Ballot, held from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. this Saturday at Columbia Public Library. Kerridge hopes that the diversity of panel members will give the public different perspectives on the aforementioned issues.

Eduardo Crespi, a health professional and director of El Centro Latino, will touch on the health problems associated with diets that are heavy in meat. John Ikerd, an agricultural economist at MU, will discuss environmental issues such as sustainable living. Other panel members include state Representative Chis Kelly; Julie Fisher, a member of Citizens to Protect State Parks and Historical Sites; Leigh Lockhart, owner of Main Squeeze; and Clarise Keith, a student at MU.

Kerridge said the issues brought to the table will have local appeal. “Eduardo will be talking about the Latino community, and the health issues in lower income areas of Columbia, and John will be talking about (the sustainability of) Missouri lands, such as family farms,” Kerridge said.

Community members will have an opportunity to engage in the forum by asking questions to members of the panel. Kerridge said that public input and inquiries are an important component of the Plate Palate and Ballot.

UPDATE: see the article from the event


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