Statehouse News: Oct. 5 to Oct. 9

The following headlines are compiled each week by Sarah D. Wire, a senior at the Missouri School of Journalism. The weekly newsletter — drawn from stories by student-reporters with Missouri Digital News — is dispatched to members of the Missouri Press Association.

Missouri to receive 20,000 doses of Swine Flu vaccineAs the first H1N1 vaccines arrive in Missouri, the state’s Health Department says it’s leaving it up to local health agencies to decide who gets and who does not get the medicine.

A dip in state revenue collection could lead to more budget cuts — Two of Missouri’s top budget officials predicted Monday that Missouri’s governor will make further budget cuts in response to to an unexpectedly high drop in state collections. The state administration reported a 10 percent drop in revenue collections for the first quarter of the current fiscal year compared to the same three months last year.

Public Service Commission delays decision on temporary AmerenUE rate increase — Many Missourians who saved money on their electric bill due to the mild summer could end up paying more in the future if the state’s biggest electric utility gets its way.

An AmerenUE official says there is no reason to fear coal byproduct — Despite a national report on the dangers of fly ash, AmerenUE officials say Missouri is storing it properly. Fly ash is made from burning coal. According to a 2006 report from Missouri’s Energy Task Force, 85.6 percent of the state’s electricity is produced by coal. AmerenUE spokesperson Tim Fox said the company recycles half its fly ash to make concrete and stores the other half on-site in ash collection ponds.


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  1. I am still skeptical about the vaccine, as there is so little known. And this may be my ignorance and stubbornness, but I feel that all this time and money that has been spent on something we don’t know anymore about now than in the beginning and it could have been used for something more useful like Alzheimer’s/memory loss and breast cancer, things we are all looking to cure.

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