Grand Cru restaurant unhappy with potential address change

About a month ago I wrote an article about potential name changes on the Providence Outer Road system. While putting the story together I called as many businesses and residences as I could that would have their addresses changed. Though I got some good feedback from the owners of two restaurants – Angelo’s and Jimmy’s Family Steakhouse – many people deferred comment to their corporate offices, or simply didn’t want to talk about something they didn’t know much about.

One of places I called was Grad Cru Restaurant, which currently has a “South Providence” address but would have a “Carter Lane” address if the ordinance was approved. Unfortunately, there was no answer. However, Grand Cru owner Mariel Liggett sent me an e-mail shortly after the article ran discussing some concerns she has with the potential address change. She wrote that she sees the change to “Carter Lane” as a potential source of confusion for not only Columbians, but those visiting the city as well.

Google map of Grand Cru

Google map of Grand Cru

“A business’ address, especially for a restaurant, is very critical to its well-being with any change, especially to an obscure like ‘Carter Lane.’ Very disturbing to say the least,” Liggett wrote in the e-mail.

Liggett also wrote that Grand Cru’s current address had been assigned at the “very strong suggestion” of the Columbia Fire Department, and that she doubts their opinion has changed.

“In summary, we would like to keep our current address, 2600 S. Providence Road, as we feel it is best for safety as well as customer awareness and we really don’t see any need for us to change given the fact the land between us and Providence Road is not adequate for building and thus will stay undeveloped,” she wrote.

Planning and Development Director Tim Teddy told me that the city welcomes feedback from those who would be affected by the potential ordinance, which he estimated at around 100 properties.

“We wouldn’t even expect folks all to sign off on the change, but we would like them to have the opportunity to give input,” Teddy said.

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