Statehouse News: Oct. 19 to 24

The following headlines are compiled each week by Sarah D. Wire, a senior at the Missouri School of Journalism. The weekly newsletter — drawn from stories by student-reporters with Missouri Digital News — is dispatched to members of the Missouri Press Association.

Heavy rains have affected some pumpkin crops — Heavy rainfall in central Missouri has hurt this year’s pumpkin crops, according to some orchard owners. The rain caused the pumpkin vines to rot and not produce pumpkins. Some pumpkin patch owners in central Missouri had their entire crop destroyed.

Robin Carnahan: Missouri should consider civil unions — Secretary of State Robin Carnahan said Missouri should consider civil unions as an alternative to legalizing gay marriage while she was campaigning at MU on Oct. 21. Carnahan is the Democratic candidate for one of Missouri’s U.S. Senate seats. She was speaking to MU law students when a question about gay marriage prompted her suggestion. According to The Maneater, an MU campus publication, Carnahan said, “Marriage should be between a man and a woman, but civil unions are something we should consider.”

Missouri Department of Transportation to sell unused properties — The Missouri Department of Transportation is trying to sell 19 properties it no longer needs. The department will hold a realty ‘blitz’ to get rid of excess land during the week of November 16 to 20.

Public testifies on open school enrollment — Members of the Joint Committee on Education met Oct. 20 to hear public testimony about open enrollment. Open enrollment allows students to attend schools outside the district in which they reside. Students can choose to change districts for a variety of reasons such as academics, convenience or extracurricular activities.


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