Boone County Commission Work Session 10/27

On Tuesday afternoon the Boone County Commission had a work session with Derin Campbell and Stan Shawver from the county’s Public Works division. Here is some of what was discussed:

  • MoDOT’s planned construction on the Midway bridge deck over I-70. District I Commissioner Karen Miller raised concerns that while work is being done, increased traffic from the detour route could lead to pressure on the county’s roads in the area. She also said Columbia might be affected as well with vehicles detouring on Scott Boulevard. Miller suggested a meeting be arranged with a MoDOT engineer to discuss these issues.  District II Commissioner Skip Elkin raised the point that the Midway truck stop might “feel the squeeze” because the construction could cut its business in half. Campbell estimated that MoDOT’s work on the bridge won’t begin until the summer.
  • Communication Processes. Miller discussed the need for coming up with defined processes for making sure customers calling the Public Works division are directed to the right people. Sometimes people don’t know whether a problem they are having concerns the county’s or Columbia’s public works department. Campbell said the borders can “get pretty grey in some areas” and suggested a joint communications center that would direct the caller to the right department.
  • How to handle the accounting of outstanding funds in the county’s revenue sharing program. Elkin suggested that as part of the application towns use for requesting funds through the program, they should have to state how they will account for money not spent. Miller said that the commission needs “better accounting of this program before we allocate funds.” She and Elkin decided to meet with the towns in their districts to find out what they are planning to do with the revenue sharing money they haven’t spent. Campbell said this would “help us update if their plans have changed.”

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