Keep Columbia Safe downtown camera petition certified by city

The petition to install surveillance cameras in the Special Business District to deter crime and help identify suspects was certified by City Clerk Sheila Amin and County Clerk Wendy Noren last month.

Because the petition had enough signatures, it forces the Columbia City Council to either pass the ordinance on the petition or put it up to a vote in the April election.

Both options are on the agenda for Monday’s meeting. We’ll be contacting the members of the council to see if they are leaning in one way or the other about what action to take.

Keep Columbia Safe, the organization that was collecting signatures for the petition, was founded by Karen Taylor, whose son Adam Taylor, 25, was attacked in a downtown parking garage in June.

No report from the city has said installing the cameras would legally be an invasion of privacy, but most arguments against the cameras believe installing them would invade citizens’ privacy.

Should the City put cameras up in the Special Business District in an effort to deter crime, or will the cameras be invading the privacy of citizens on public streets? Let us know what you think in the comments.


2 Responses

  1. I don’t know how well they’ll deter crime but it will be a lot of fun to Sunshine the videos of any “incidents.”

    I love the argument that “if folks aren’t committing any crimes, they have no reason to fear any cameras downtown.” If that logic held up, we could put cameras everywhere and no one could argue effectively against it.

  2. Just remember everything can and WILL be used against you. Oneday you may get a $500 ticket in the mail because a camera saw a piece of paper fall fom your pocket. Oh ya thats crime fighting!

    So now people will feel safe? I dont see how a camera is going to stop a murder or any crime. It will only deter the honest.

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