Having trouble viewing documents linked to the City Council agenda?

Part of the fun of reporting is sifting through all the documents attached to any given story. For that reason, I was a little sad that when I first downloaded attachments from yesterday’s city council meeting agenda that all I saw was PHP code when I opened them — not exactly what I wanted.

Tuesday was my first day back with the Missourian and I couldn’t remember ever having trouble opening attachments before the city retooled its website a little. That is a disappointing change to go along with an otherwise sweet upgrade of the site.

So, for all of you out there that might be tired of seeing code instead of documents, here is your easy fix: Just change the file’s name. It’s that easy.

Right now, whatever file you download from the council agenda will be titled MetaViewer.php. Simply change the .php to .pdf and your computer will automatically translate the code into a usable portable document format.


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