Additional info on candidate petitions

It has come to my attention that I goofed up. As I worked to make the mayoral and city council campaigns more transparent, I realized that I wasn’t being transparent with my reporting.

The list of folks that signed a city council or mayoral candidate’s petition is not an exact replica of the hard copies of the petitions.

So, here’s the transparency.
The names listed under each candidate are the ones that are legible from the hard copy. The county recorder’s office has the ability to look up addresses and speculate whether an illegible name is the same as the one listed in her records but we can only look up registered voters based on last and first name.

To formulate the list, I relied on being able to read the name and cross-referencing addresses with county assessor records. For a handful of signatures, the address listed was owned by a rental or real-estate company/individual and I was not able to speculate about the name.

Here are the figures on the number of signatures for each candidate according to the county recorder:

Mayoral Candidates
Sid Sullivan:
142 valid
Jerry Wade: 144 valid
Paul Love: 143 valid
Sal Nuccio: 149 valid
Bob McDavid: 117 valid
Sean O’Day: 100 valid

Fourth Ward
Rick Buford: 72 valid
Tracy Greever-Rice: 60 valid
Sarah Read: 71 valid
Daryl Dudley: 62 valid

Third Ward
Karl Skala: 62 valid
Gary Kespohl: 66 valid

After going through all the signatures, I found evidence that validating the petitions is not an exact science. So, building a list of signatures was a bit difficult. A good example is that James Smith is listed twice on the list that I created for Rick Buford’s petition. That might look like a mistake at first, but that individual did sign the petition twice and both signatures were validated by the county clerk’s office.

If you would like to view the hard copies of the petitions, you may do so at the city clerk’s office. I’ll make my copies available at the Monday and Tuesday Missourian budget meetings. The 11 a.m. meetings take place in the Missourian newsroom and are open to the public.

It was my hope to provide an idea of the folks that signed the petition for each candidate to appear on the ballot.

Sorry for any misunderstandings.


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