CDD:02/07 Folks want chicken wings for big game

Columbia’s Daily Dish: 02/07/2010

Chicken wings’ popularity peaks Super Bowl Sunday (CM): “If you’re going for a Super Bowl party on the cheap, chicken wings may not be on the menu. Over the last decade, the popularity of the chicken wing has steadily increased and has reached a point where the small, bite-size morsels are commanding a price tag even more than chicken breasts.”

UM System looks for new revenue amid funding crunch (CM): “The academic building of the future in the University of Missouri System may be less, well, academic.”

Randy Judkins teaches circus arts at Stephens College (CM): “He drove 1,500 miles from Maine to Missouri with nine unicycles in his trunk. Randy Judkins, circus artist, is putting these very unicycles to work at Stephens College.”

Resident escapes burning home (CDT): “Columbia Fire firefighters fight a blaze at 1001 Westport Drive early Sunday morning. Resident Barbara Chancellor escaped the burning home but suffered minor burns to one or both of her arms and was transported to University Hospital.”


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