Columbia Daily Dish: 2/21/2010

Kespohl doubts sending Landmark e-mail(CM): “The question of whether Third Ward City Council candidate Gary Kespohl sent an e-mail to council members in May 2008 outlining concerns about development on and near the site of Landmark Hospital has lingered since incumbent Councilman Karl Skala read the message at a Feb. 11 forum.”

Chamber of Commerce champions City Council candidates(CM): “The Columbia Chamber of Commerce board of directors on Friday endorsed City Council candidates Gary Kespohl, Daryl Dudley and Bob McDavid. This is the first time the chamber has endorsed candidates for a city election.”

Missouri officials consider campaign limit reversal(AP): “Missouri House members are pondering whether to undo their most recent change to the state’s campaign finance rules — a shift that supporters had touted just a few years ago as bringing accountability and transparency to Missouri political campaigns.”

Pettis county attempts to ban synthetic marijuana possession(AP): “A central Missouri county is taking steps to become the first county in the state — perhaps even in the nation — to pass an ordinance prohibiting a legal mix of herbs.”

Plane attack on IRA building extreme example of tax protest(AP): “Joseph Stack, the man who flew a plane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas, was one of many people who believe tax laws do not apply to them and are unconstitutional.”

Hookah lounge opening downtown(CM): “Despite a three-year citywide smoking ban, Columbia’s first hookah lounge is opening Friday.”


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