Columbia Daily Dish: 2/25/2010

More Boone County seniors filling the workforce, coalition says(CM): “There were more seniors in the workforce and more children on free and reduced-price meals in Boone County during 2009, according to the Boone County Indicators Coalition’s findings.”

House bills could strengthen Missouri Sunshine Law(CM): “The Missouri Sunshine Law is finding itself under criticism from lawmakers who call it “ineffective” in its current state. Rep. Timothy Jones, R-St. Louis County, proposed two bills to tighten Sunshine Law provisions on local officials to the General Laws Committee this week.”

Bills adjusting payments for health insurance claims pass House and Senate(CM): “This bill makes illegal the “suspension rule” that allows insurance companies to indefinitely hold claims. The House sponsor said the bill would lower health care costs overall.”

Missouri senators propose water-quality testing be handled by new department(AP): “Missouri senators proposed Thursday to strip the state’s environmental agency of its power to conduct water-quality tests and accused it of risking public health by covering up high bacteria levels at the Lake of the Ozarks.”

Sections of USA Patriot Act extended for one year(AP): “Democrats have retreated from adding new privacy protections to the primary U.S counterterrorism law, stymied by Senate Republicans who argued the changes would weaken terror investigations.”

Gov. Nixon signs bill changing, clarifying 2009 Missouri traffic law(AP): “Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon signed legislation Thursday designed to fix problems with a 2009 law that placed thousands of traffic cases into limbo.”


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