Mayoral forum left some with unanswered questions

Answers were given by each candidate in attendance–Sid Sullivan, Jerry Wade, Bob McDavid, Paul Love and Sean O’Day–in a rapid fire Q & A.

Hosts of the forum, the Muleskinners, were given brief 60 second responses to their questions. Only four questions were covered in the entirety of the mayoral forum.

One question asked candidates was whether they would continue to uphold Mayor Darwin Hindman’s plans for Columbia. All agreed the work Hindman has done has been beneficial to Columbia, and each would try to recognize that fact if elected mayor.

When questioned about crime reduction, some candidates agreed crime was a problem, but others did not believe it was an issue.

Attendees, Winifred Scott and Pat Kelley, were among those concerned about crime and would have liked to hear more discussion on the matter.

Kelley was also interested in hearing more about future city planning and growth and the manner in which city resources are divided.

The lighter side of the forum wasn’t until the end when candidates gave their final statements.

Sean O’Day induced laughter from the crowd with his closing statement. He said it’s important for people his age to be involved in politics because in 20 or 30 years, they will be the ones facing the repercussions of today’s decision. Nearly everyone in attendance was over the age of 40 and considered this quite comical.


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