Columbia Daily Dish 3/15/10

Missouri officials worry about participation in 2010 census (CM): The stakes for the 2010 census are high. If Missouri’s population is counted as too low, the state could lose federal funding and one of its nine congressional districts.

House votes against legalizing medical marijuana (CM): The House shot down efforts to legalize medical marijuana during debate on a bill that would ban the fake stuff.

The amendment, which popped up in the middle of a House debate to criminalize the synthetic marijuana known as K2, was voted down. But, the bill itself received first-round approval.

Hickman names new principal (CT): Tracey Conrad has been selected as the new principal at Hickman High School.

Missouri health officials concerned by ‘downer drinks’ (KCS): The new beverage category some call “downer drinks” raises a cultural question only the marketplace can answer: In stressful times, are we more in want of midday jolts of caffeine or non-alcoholic tonics that mellow us? Or both — one to battle the other?


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